Dilapidation Survey Specialists
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What we do...

What is a Dilapidation Survey?
A Dilapidation or Pre contract survey is carried out by an independent experienced building surveyor and is an inspection of the existing structural condition of the surrounding buildings and structures before the commencement of any construction on an adjoining site. The purpose of the survey is to note, record any existing defects and to prepare a document which can be used at a later date should a dispute arise and it is alleged that work on the site has caused damage.

How we do it...

We contact adjoining property owners and obtain permission to inspect their property. Then systematically inspect the property recording and photographing all existing defects. A detailed report is then prepared for the Contractor and a copy made available for the property owner if required.
Following completion of the Building Contract a Post contract survey may be requested when the property is then re inspected and any changes from the original survey are noted. This survey will form the basis to discuss a claim settlement with the Builder. We can negotiate and settle claims on behalf of the Builder.